Operating activities of the Bergmann Touristik Ltd.

About Us

An Incoming Travel Agency is an enterprise which operates in the tourism business. It encourages the strengthening of the local tourism market, coordinates the demand as well as the offer by bringing together the various participating service providers such as tour operators, local travel agencies, hotels and transport. In contrast to outgoing travel agencies which mainly operate on the visitors' home market, the incoming agency's main issue is to develop and promote all tourism related infrastructures in the holiday resort chosen by the foreign visitors. As a service provider, this kind of agency is very much dependent on a quality based cooperation with all the above mentioned tourism related service providers such as hotels, restaurants, local travel agencies, leisure parks, tour operators etc. Essential are also the contacts the agency maintains with national as well as international partners in order to stimulate or/and maintain the interest towards the targeted area and so motivate more and more visitors to spend a holiday there. The agency basically acts like a bridge or mediator between the demand on the visitors' home markets and the offer provided in the holiday resort.

The Bergmann Touristik Ltd.

The Bergmann Touristik Ltd. is an incoming agency operating on Lake Garda and in the Trentino-South Tyrol Dolomites (during the winter months also in Livigno, Aosta, Sestriere and Sauze d'Oulx) for internationally well known tour operators.

Number of employees:

  • 1 manager
  • 2 assistant manager
  • 4 hotel contractors
  • 5 hotel reservation agents
  • 5-6 administrators
  • 1 IT specialist
  • 3 entertainer
  • 4 collaborators Residence Barbara
  • 4 collaborators Residence Le Corti del Lago


The main office of the Bergmann Touristik Ltd. is located in the Freisingerstr. 8 / B I-39038 in San Candido - Italy VAT 02285250219. Its accounting and administrative offices (Account Italia) are in the Handwerkerzone 31 in I-39039 Niederdorf - Italy.

Tel (+39) 0474 37 03 28
Fax (+39) 0474 83 07 29
E-mail: account@bergmann.it

The booking offices as well as the reps' and hotel contractors' offices are in via Monte Misone 49, I-38066 Riva del Garda (open all year round).

Bergmann Touristik has developed its own reservation system (T-Info) accessible for all its partner hotels, which allows them with a simple click a daily update on all bookings. This program can easily be installed with the support of our IT specialist.

Tel (+39) 0464 55 29 14 or 0464 55 37 46
Fax (+39) 0464 35 04 29
e-mail booking@bergmann.it or service@bergmann.it

During the winter season we are also represented in the Dolomites, where we have an office in the Negrellistr. 13/c, I-39100 Bolzano. Here is where you can reach any day our hotel contractors and on Mondays only our travel reps.

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Appartement Barbara
Le corti del Lago